5 Fitness Travel Tips for Staying in Shape

The holidays are a time for travel—whether you’re heading home to visit…

The holidays are a time for travel—whether you’re heading home to visit family, or heading out on a last minute business trip before the New Year. Travel is exhausting, exhilarating, and terrible for our daily routines. It can be particularly difficult to stay in shape while on the road. But just because it’s difficult, it doesn’t mean you should give up. Instead, follow our fitness travel tips and stay in shape no matter where you are.


Make a Game Plan: Don’t go into your travel without any idea about how you’ll work out. Bring your gym bag and pack it on top of your suitcase so that it’s not an afterthought. Then, make sure you plan time for your daily workout, don’t leave it up to chance. Try out this complete fitness and meal plan for travelers.

Explore the City: Travel gives you an excellent opportunity to explore a new city. Instead of heading to the hotel gym, find a new path to run or walk every day and see the city in a way that most tourists don’t get to enjoy.

Have No Shame: When traveling, sometimes you have few opportunities, being timid won’t help. Instead, if all you have is an airport or a hotel parking lot, take advantage of it. There’s no shame in running laps around the airport, after all you’re staying in shape. If you’re too embarrassed to exercise, follow this advice from Life Hacker.

Use Social for Partners: A workout partner can mean the difference between getting out there and staying in your hotel room with the mini bar. Tweet or post on Facebook to find people in your area who will go on a run with you or let you borrow a bike. Locals can even give you the best fitness travel tips for the area.

Stretch in Your Seat: Just because you’re on an airplane doesn’t mean you have to stay sedentary. Find ways to stretch while on the plan. Do dips, lunges, and quad stretches in the aisle. Or, stay in your seat and bend your knees to hip height, hold for two seconds and lower. You can also stretch your torso forward as far as you can to stretch your back. Follow these airplane yoga exercises.

You can exercise anytime and anywhere with our fitness travel tips. Give it a shot!


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