4 Keys to Healthy Snacks

If you love to snack but your worry about weight gain, then you need to follow our four keys to healthy snacks.

We all snack. Sometimes we snack when we’re bored, sometimes we snack when we’re hungry, and sometimes we snack just because food is in front of us. Unfortunately, not all snacks are healthy snacks.

It’s easy to let snacking get out of hand, which is a sure-fire way to gain weight. The key to healthy snacks is following the four rules of snacking.


  1. Portion Your Snacks

The last thing you should do is grab a bag of chips and sit down on the couch. That almost guarantees that you’ll eat more than you should. Instead, portion out your snack of chips, crackers, or nuts ahead of time. Count, measure, or weight out exactly how much of the snack you can enjoy and then put the rest away.

  1. Snack at the Same Time Each Day

When the weekdays get hectic, it can be easy to forget to eat or to eat too much. Snacking too often or too little can make your energy fluctuate and your blood sugar dip. To make sure you get the healthy snacks you need when you need them, plan our when you’re going to snack each day. Studies show that planned snacking leads to weight loss.

  1. Use Healthy Snacks as Fuel

Stop thinking of your snacks as a way to pass the time, and start thinking of them as a way to give your body the energy it needs to keep going. Snacking can be good for you if you change your eating habits and start thinking about snacks as a way to keep your body going.

  1. Don’t Snack Mindlessly

Where most of us get into trouble is when we snack mindlessly in front of the TV screen or while we’re working at our desk. Grazing all day is unhealthy and can cause you to eat more than your body needs. Instead, make a conscious decision to snack away from the screen, so you eat mindfully and only what you need.

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