4 Ancient Chinese Tips for a Long Life-Part 2

If you want to live a long life, try these four, ancient Chinese rituals to live a healthier and longer life.

We’re continuing our Chinese New Year celebration with four more tips for a long life. In a previous Healthy Tips blog  we shared about combing your head three times daily, rubbing your feet, swallowing your saliva, and clicking your teeth. Today, we’re taking you deeper into the Chinese rituals you should be performing to live a healthy and long life.


  1. Massage Each Other’s Backs: Ask a friend, partner, or spouse to massage your back on a daily basis. The primary benefit of this, according to Chinese medicine, is muscle relaxation. However, back massage also promotes better circulation and higher nerve function. A massage during the day can clear your head and lift your spirits, and at night it can soothe your mind and prevent insomnia. According to Japanese scientists, a daily massage can even help prevent cancer.
  2. Knead Your Abdomen: Okay, you might be used to kneading your stomach after a big meal, but you should be doing it every day to promote blood circulation and to uplift your spirit. Simply rub your abdomen in a clockwise direction with the heel of your right hand 130-times above the navel. Then, move below the navel area and rub it 120-times. Afterward, rub the whole abdomen with the full palm of your hand 120-times. Then, reverse and repeat it all again.
  3. Stretch: Lazy stretching is the most effective way to lose weight and promote blood circulation. Lazy stretching is what you do when you yawn. It involves straightening your neck, lifting your arms, taking deep breaths to expand the chest, stretching the waist, exercising the joints, and loosening the body.
  4. Press the Hegu, Neiguan, and Zusanli Acupuncture Points: The Hegu point is the area between the thumb and index finger. It treats headaches, facial paralysis, and your five senses. The Neiguan point is about 2 inches from the crease of the wrist. It treats heart palpitations, high blood pressure, asthma, stomach pain, and nausea. The Zusanli point is about 3 to 4 inches below the center of the knee. It regulates the stomach, replenishes energy, and promotes circulation.


Next time you’re talking about living a long life, try out these Chinese secrets and see what happens.


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