2 DIY Tea Crafts

Are you looking for the perfect DIY tea crafts to kick off the holiday season? We’ve got two simple ideas that are too cute to handle.

Do you have loose-leaf tea floating around your house? Instead of storing your tea in unattractive baggies or plastic containers, gram some mini mason jars and create these adorable DIY storage jars from Wit & Whistle.


  1. Find some cute and affordable canning jars like these jars from Uline.
  2. Buy some simple, black finish, chalkboard paint.
  3. Coat the lid of each canning jar with a thin layer of paint primer and allow to dry overnight.
  4. Then, use the chalkboard paint to cover the lid with a solid layer of black.
  5. Now, you can label all your loose-leaf teas and when you run out or change teas, just erase the chalk and write a new label.

Instead of tea storage, are you looking for a cute DIY gift for the holiday season? We love these adorable DIY Tea Word Mugs from Hyms & Verses.


  1. Buy any plain colored mug, like this white and purple mug from Wayfair.
  2. Using a Silhouette Cameo, cut out the words you want in black vinyl, and transfer to each mug.
  3. OR, use a black Sharpie marker and write out the words you want. Then, bake the finished mug at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Simple tea crafts are the best and the perfect gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season!


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