16 Healthy Snacks to Eat at Work

Have you run out of health snacks to eat at work? We have 16 ideas to keep you going!

Oh no! It’s 3:00pm and you have the munchies. It’s happened to all of us; the inevitable need for an afternoon snack. Don’t worry. It’s okay to snack as long as you keep it healthy. Not sure what to do? We have 16 delicious snack ideas ready for you!


  1. Almonds: just a handful can boost your energy and keep you going. Check out these raw almonds from nuts.com.
  2. Cereal: high-fiber, low-sugar cereal is a great snack.
  3. Oatmeal: even instant, sugar-less oatmeal can be a great pick-me-up.
  4. Tuna: a 3-ounce can of tuna is filling and delicious.
  5. Peanut or Nut Butter: whether you take a spoonful or slather a tablespoon on a whole grain bagel or muffin it’s perfection. Want something a little different, we like this roasted pistachio butter from fastachi.com.
  6. Edamame: throw a few beans in the microwave and add some sea salt.
  7. Yogurt: we love Greek yogurt with just a dollop of honey.
  8. Popcorn: don’t get the bad stuff, but all natural air-popped corn with a little salt and a drizzle of olive oil.
  9. Crackers: look for whole grain crackers. Try these Kashi 7 Grain snack crackers.
  10. Humus: humus on almost anything is delicious. Try it on room-temp celery, crackers, or gluten-free bread.
  11. Cheese: small pieces of cheese alone or with crackers.
  12. Muesli Bars: find bars made with all-natural wholesome ingredients.
  13. Dark Chocolate: who said sweets are bad for you? In bite-sized pieces dark chocolate is delicious.
  14. Soy or Rice Crisps: a few soy or rice crisps, alone or topped with peanut butter.
  15. Hard-boiled Eggs: get some extra protein with a hard-boiled egg with a little bit of salt and pepper.
  16. Wasabi Peas: whether you’re craving something salty, crunchy, or spicy these are awesome. Take a look at these Vitacost Wasabi Peas.
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