10 Tips for a Healthier Weekend

Let’s be honest, the weeks just fly by. When you’re busy working,…

Let’s be honest, the weeks just fly by. When you’re busy working, it can seem like you live for the weekends, and why wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, sometimes you’re so busy during the week that you’ll use your weekends to pack in everything you didn’t do earlier, and while sometimes that’s a good thing, it’s not always healthiest. Try our weekend tips this weekend and see what happens.


  • Do your workouts in the mornings before you head out for the day.
  • Find a way to splurge in a healthy way. After all, you deserve it.
  • Eat like you do on the weekdays. Just because it’s the weekend, that doesn’t mean you should totally let go.
  • Don’t go hungry to a party. Instead, eat at least a small snack or two before you head out.
  • Schedule some relaxation time. You might have a ton of chores to do on the weekend, but you still deserve a chance to breathe and relax.
  • Do something active—get outside. You’ve spent all week in an office; take the weekend to get outside and do something fun.
  • Get enough sleep. We’re all guilty of staying up late on the weekends, but make sure you sleep in to get the rest your body desperately needs.
  • Prep for the week ahead. A little bit of preparation can really cut back on your stress.
  • Don’t have a lazy Sunday. Be productive.
  • Order well while ordering out. The weekends shouldn’t be an excuse to go crazy at a restaurant. Eat smart.


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