10 New Café Teas

Have you taken a look at our Café Teas recently? If you…

Have you taken a look at our Café Teas recently? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. We now have 15 different flavors and combinations. You’re sure to find one that hits all your buttons, and they make the PERFECT gift. Check out our newest flavors!


French Earl Grey

Our French Early Grey is a vanilla version of the traditional Earl Grey. It has Bergamot, Hibiscus, Sunflower, Rose, Mallow, and Vanilla for a truly soothing and delicious tea blend.

Dreamy Hazelnut

Are you ready to sit back and sip a dreamy infusion of hazelnut praline and vanilla? Then you want to grab a box of Dreamy Hazelnut to boost your immunity, lower your stress, and beat those sugar cravings.

Ancient Green Pearls

Are you looking for a delicate tea with an aromatic flavor? Then grab our Ancient Green Pearls tea made with jasmine pearls and get back to relaxing.

Coconut Sencha

There’s always time for coconut. Grab our Coconut Sencha Tea for a rich tea that takes your senses on a vacation to the tropics. You’ll love the decadent green tea and fruity coconut and vanilla for boosting your antioxidants and helping your skin.

White Peony Pearls

White tea is decadently soft and alluring. It can solve your strongest tea cravings while being gentle. Get a box of White Peony Pearls to calm your senses, improve your oral health, and boost your body’s antioxidants.

Strawberry Sencha

Who says tea can’t be a little fruity? Our Strawberry Sencha is packed with orange peel, dried strawberries, cream flavoring, and green tea. It is a refreshing blend that helps you manage your weight while helping your digestion.

White Rose

Feel tranquil and refreshed with our White Rose Tea infused with rose petals. It’s light and delicious. It’s also great for bloating, improving your mood, and boosting your immunity. There’s a lot of pop in this little cup of white tea and rose.

Black Honey Heaven

If you’re ready to go to heaven in every cup, then you want a box of our decadent Black Honey Heaven Tea. It’s the taste of your favorite traditional black tea infused with a sweet, delectable taste of honey and vanilla. It enlivens your taste buds while helping your digestion and boosting your immunity and antioxidants.

Gypsy Green

Get away from the ordinary and take a walk on the wild side with our Gypsy Green Tea. Our rich and scrumptious sencha green tea is infused with mango, papaya, rose, and currants for an incredible and delightful taste. You’ll also love the boost in your mood and your antioxidants.

Choc Nirvana

It’s time to sit back, relax, and indulge your every chocolate craving with our Choc Nirvana Tea. It’s made with choc crisps and cocoa beans for rich flavor. And the Oolong Tea and cocoa help beat your sugar cravings while calming your mind. This holiday season give the gift of health and deliciousness by sharing a box of one of our Café Teas. You’ll love the variety of flavors and benefits


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Your Tea

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