10 Dos and Don’ts of Nail Care

It’s time you take a good look at your nail care and follow these ten dos and don’ts that every guy and guy needs to know.

Have you always wanted healthy, strong nails? Well, then it’s time you followed these dos and don’ts of nail care.


  • DO Keep Your Nails Trimmed: Keeping your nails shaped and trimmed keeps them healthy and helps them grow strong.
  • DON’T Use Nails as Tools: It might be tempting to use your nails to scratch food off a dirty pan, but prying and picking can cut your cuticles and damage your nails.
  • DO Keep Your Nails Dry and Clean: Dry and clean nails are protected from fungi and bacteria, and prevent damage from hot water and soap.
  • DON’T Bite Your Nails: Not only is biting your nails disgusting, your nails are packed with bacteria. Plus biting can cause damage to your nail bed.
  • DO Moisturize Your Cuticles: Cuticles are the only line of protection between your nail bed and the bacteria and fungi of the world. Moisturizing keeps them from cracking and peeling.
  • DON’T Pull Off Hangnails: Sure, it’s annoying to find a hangnail at work that is just begging to be pulled. Resist! Pulling hangnails can rip live tissue.
  • DO Take Zinc and Biotin: If you suffer from weak or brittle fingernails, zinc and biotin can be a big help.
  • DON’T Peel Off Your Polish: Just like nail biting, peeling polish can be a nervous habit but it’s one you need to stop. Peeling polish removes layers of actual nail. Stick with remover instead.
  • DO Wear Gloves: Whether you’re washing dishes, cleaning, or pulling weeds, your nails can take a beating. Gloves can protect your hands from wear and tear.
  • DON’T Soak Your Nails: While taking a long hot bath can be good for your soul, it’s not so good for your nails. Soaking your hands can cause your nails and cuticles to become engorged with water and weaken.


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