Your PCOS Story, with Dr. Nat TCM


Dr. Nat Kringoudis is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a bit of a legend around here. She’s also an Acupuncturist and natural fertility educator and expert, which is why she created Fertility Tea.


Note: Fertility Tea is not just for making babies. For women, being ‘fertile’ is about outstanding health, which stems from happy hormones. When our hormones aren’t doing their best work we can see issues such as the rollercoaster that is PCOS, so it makes sense to want to keep them operating efficiently. Happy hormones, happy ladies.


Naturally, we asked Nat to read a few of your shared stories from The Vajayjay Diaries and to lend a helping hand, hormone wisdom included. In case you’ve missed The Vajayjay Diaries, you can read more shared stories here, or share with us What’s In Your Box.




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