Tiny Tea and Weight Loss: Does It Work?


Have you ever wondered if Tiny Tea really works for weight loss? Well, stop wondering, we’ve broken it down for you with examples from real customers!

When it comes to our Tiny Tea detox, we get a lot of questions. How does it work? Can it really help with weight loss? How do I know it  will work? Well, it’s time to stop wondering and start understanding how Tiny Tea works.

First, Tiny Tea is made with six specific ingredients that focus on promoting healthy digestion and gut function. As we’ve talked about in past blogs, your digestive system is linked to a whole host of body functions, including weight gain and weight loss. The reason Tiny Tea is so effective in weight loss is because it restores your system to optimal function. Don’t believe us; take a look at the six ingredients in Tiny Tea and how they work.

Jue Ming Zi is a key ingredient in Tiny Tea and it’s known to lubricate the intestines and promote bowl movements, which helps with weight loss by keeping you unplugged. It also nourishes the kidney and the liver. A poor liver has been linked to weight gain because your liver is in charge or removing small fat globules (chylomicrons). If the liver is healthy, it can regulate your fat metabolism efficiently.

Lotus Leaf is a fantastic ingredient because one of its key purposes is to assist in burning excess fat. It also soothes constipation and clears the spleen. Together, all of these benefits help Tiny Tea promote your weight loss.

Shan Zha is key for weight loss. As we’ve mentioned many times, your gut is in charge of your ability to lose weight. The main benefit or Shan Zha is its ability to aid in improving digestion, removing stagnant food from the body, and calming your gut.

Lai Fu Zi is also focused on improving your gut function, specifically in terms of indigestion. It also helps with feelings of fullness and distension. So, when you drink Tiny Tea, you’ll feel less bloated and look incredible.

Chen Pi gives you natural energy, which, in the end, can help you keep active and promote weight loss.

Just like Shan Zha, Mai Ya is a digestive stimulate that promotes healthy and proper digestion. It also treats your liver and stomach, both vital in healthy weight loss. Beyond the ingredients, which we think speak for themselves, we have hundreds of customers who have experienced amazing weight loss results.

You can check them all out on our Pinterest feed. These results are all from real customers, and no photos are professionally enhanced—we shared them exactly as we received them.
Holly lost 2kgs on the 28-day Tiny Tea detox plan. It helped her tone up and slim down.
On the 28-day Tiny Tea detox, anonymous lost five pounds during her first six days alone. In total, she lost nine pounds and four inches off her waist and two inches off each thigh.

After just a couple days, @SMR994 started seeing results. She called it her “Best decision ever!”

Give Tiny Tea a shot today and see how it can and will work for you. It’s just 35$ USD for 14 days of detox. We know you’ll love it!

Tiny Tea Teatox (28 day)


When you wish to treat your body with the respect it deserves; that's where our Tiny Tea teatox comes in. A seriously delectable brew, our Tiny Tea is your ultimate cleanse. The elixir of life some may say. We say it's a seriously good option to let you be the best version of you, each and every day.


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