November Charity: The Goodlife Farm

The Goodlife Farm You may have seen a few donations to this…

The Goodlife Farm

You may have seen a few donations to this wonderful grassroots cause before from us.

Why? Because this charity continues to function day to day, despite running on next to no funding. For such a hands on, beneficial cause, it is a terrible shame for The Goodlife Farm to feel restricted when they are needing to help so many youths at risk.

For those of you that don’t know, The Goodlife Farm states the below;

“The Good Life Farm is a self-sustainable farm that provides environmental, life skills  and animal studies programs to at-risk youth.

The Good Life Farm Limited is established to promote, operate, diversify and expand programs relating to The Good Life Farm with a vision of:

  • Contributing to the health and well-being of youth from low socio-economic families or backgrounds or who are in residential care or on disability pensions; and
  • Providing an atmosphere conducive to healing and learning through interaction with the environment and animals (for example, by delivering permaculture and life skill programs in a friendly and supportive environment using a holistic and therapeutic approach).



We encourage you to check out their website and you too can see just how hands on this charity is. Youths are helped, rehabilitated and cared for when others have given up hope for them.

That in itself, take a very special person and as such, this charities founder Lesley can sleep well knowing she is one very special person.

To watch a very beautiful video on the Goodlife Farm, click here:


Many thanks and love,

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