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Surprise surprise! Well, soon at least…. This time next month, we will have…

Surprise surprise! Well, soon at least….
This time next month, we will have some exciting new products for you to sink your taste buds and eyes into. First and last hint.
Yes indeed, we are moving and shaking in the wonderful world of tea and creating you (yes you!) some goodies we know you’ll love.
We love listening to what you want – but more importantly, thanks for talking to us.
Stay extremely tuned!
Tea to clear cellulite
For those of you lucky enough to be wearing shorts and bikinis in the Northern hemisphere, you’ll no doubt be chasing a set of silky smooth pins. Of course, up to and including your derriere.
We developed our AntiC tea to kick cellulite to the curb and we’ve finally landed an infinite amount back in stock after being sold out for months.
Read here to discover how our AntiC goes to work inside the body.
CHARITEA total $37,000…
We founded our unique Charitea project back in 2013 and to date, we have donated a whopping $37,000.
Yep. No smoke and mirrors – the money comes straight from us, straight to the chosen charities.
We are forever humbled to have this opportunity, as allowed by your lovely selves.
Want a Charitea wrap up? Read on here, or if you have a grass roots charity you’d like to bring to our attention, please email us on [email protected].
Fact of the month:
Sea weed is an absolute wonder food for clearing acne.
Why? It cools and clears the body which is heaven sent for problematic skin.
Alright, it may not taste like heaven – but the slimy green wonder food does its job.
Want more tools and info on clearing problematic skin types? Grab our “Making Skin Magic Ebook” here, written by Dr. Nat Kringoudis.
Something cheeky to share: 
Here at Your Tea – we tend to touch on the subjects that are a little taboo, or embarrassing or straight up funny. We are all human – so we take the liberty to talk about it.
We’ve explained how to ramp up one’s libido, here. Send to a friend or sit in a quiet corner, read, digest and without a doubt, giggle whilst you do!
This month we’re loving; 
Giant Tea cups.
We want one. Actually we want lots of them.
Imagine the amount of Your Tea teabags you could fit in one of these bad boys… or alternately, a kitten. What ever tickles your fancy really.


Until next month,



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