April Chariteas: Guidedogs, Sunrise Children

For the month of April, we were lucky enough to donate a…

For the month of April, we were lucky enough to donate a total of $5000 to the following two charities;

Guidedogs Victoria

Who doesn’t love adorable labrador pups?! Especially when they are being trained up to be the most reliable and counted on companion for those in need.

We have been able to co-sponsor an entire litter of puppies with our donation funds. Best yet – we are able to watch them grow, see them trained and eventually – homed with a lifelong partner.

We will update you with pictures and progress on how our little bundles of joy are going!


Sunrise Children’s Villages Cambodia

The second portion of our donations were allocated towards SCV in Cambodia.

Here are some kind words from SCV in regards to how our donation was used:

“Rice is the main staple in the children’s diet, however, they do have fresh fruit and vegetables everyday.  Therefore, Sunrise Children’s Village in Phnom Penh needs approx 70kgs rice per day to feed the children.  These days, due to the escalating costs at the markets, rice is purchased from a wholesaler @ US$600 per tonne. We are very grateful for your generous donation which will supply 4 tonnes of rice which is 2 months supply”.

A little about SCV:

The Sunrise Children’s Villages (SCV) are located in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville, Cambodia. SCV started in September 1993, following the first visit by Geraldine Cox. Since that time, three centres have been created. The Sunrise Children’s Villages provide education, medical care, and a home for orphaned, abandoned, vulnerable and disadvantaged Cambodian children.


Once again – thank you all for allowing CHARITEA to continue on.


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