Welcome to the VaJayJay Diaries. The back story on your front bottom.

Women have a special relationship with their VJJs, and while no two ‘front bottoms’ are the same; we all have them, lots of us have problems with them, and some of us are still learning about them. Whether it’s PCOS, Endo, PMS or Babies (or not); brave women have been sharing their stories and we have them here for you.

Patience with the Process

Flash-forward to today. I’ve been diagnosed, unsurprisingly, with PCOS. The low-carb ketogenic diet my new (finally local) doctor prescribed is a big adjustment after already living with a tidy collection of dietary restrictions for many years.


Since I could remember getting my period I’d gotten gut wrenching pains in my abdomen randomly throughout the month. My mum, doctors, everyone told me it was part of being a women. It’s not.