Your Tea, meet Astrology.

It’s no secret that our mantra at Your Tea is healing the…


It’s no secret that our mantra at Your Tea is healing the mind, body and soul with traditional Chinese herbs.

Our emphasis has always been on connecting the three components, due to their dense interconnectivity.

We’ve taken it one step further and to a place that we know many of you already delve into; astrology and your body.

Fact: your star sign can tell you many things about the physical and emotional predispositions of your body.

We explored this concepts here (INSERT BLOGS) where we outlined some basic patterns.

Ie; Cancerians = suffer gut problems due to holding emotions in the stomach.

Now, we’ve pulled out the big guns. We’ve invited the legend of all astrological legends to break down each star sign further; Kaypacha.

A world renowned astrologer and overall god in the world of connecting all the astrological dots, Kaypacha is the King in this world. More over, his character is irrefutably addictive and endearing.

The first video up will be the fiery sign, Aries. But before that, we want you to meet the man himself as he takes us through an overview of how astrology affects and interacts with our mind, body and soul.

Happy watching!

Featured photo by @jihielephant


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