Vajayjay Struggle


The infections would come and go. I went to a million different OBGYNs and doctors…

About a year ago, I started getting both yeast infections and bacterial vaginitis. The infections would come and go. I went to a million different OBGYNs and doctors, I tried home remedies, but nothing would help. I would take antibiotics for the BV, which would give me a yeast infection. I would finally get them both treated, maybe get a week or so of relief, then the constant itching, inflammation, and discharge would come back. It interferes with my sex life. I thought maybe sex could even have been the cause, but to this day I’m unsure. Finally, at one of my OBGYN visits, I was asked if I tried probtioics. I said yes, as online said probiotics were very helpful. She asked me what kind I took, and it turns out, I was taking the wrong kind. She told me the ones I had was specifically for gut health, and told me to get Florajen, which is meant for vaginal health. I picked them at my local pharmacy, and within days, no itching, no inflammation, no discharge! It worked! After going through two bottles, I decided to stop using them, so my body wouldn’t get used to them. I don’t know if it was a placebo effect or not, but I honestly felt itchy after stopping use, so I always keep a bottle on hand and take them a few times a week to keep my vagina healthy. I did, however, get a yeast infection a few weeks ago, but I used 7 day Mobistat and took the Florajen everyday and it went away (knock on wood.) Due to this, I don’t think my yeast/BV journey is over, but thankfully after a year of suffering with infections, I found ways to cope.

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