The ups and downs of the Endo monster

I’ve struggled with endo since I was a teen. I remember one day when I froze in agony, a monster ripping and pulling away at my insides…

I’ve struggled with endo since I was a teen. Those dull pulling pains really started to be a problem when I was 22 years old and progressed rapidly within weeks. I remember one day in particular walking across the parking lot at the shopping centre when I froze in agony, a monster ripping and pulling away at my insides… I literally had to look down to check that nothing was actually falling out! That’s how intense and strange it was.

Scary, too. I scheduled a doctor’s appointment, and after months of travelling from doctor to doctor without result and then worse being misdiagnosed and medicated for IBS, I sought help from a Naturopath and with it, finally, the answer that I had been searching for – endometriosis. Prescribed a mixture of natural remedies which I adhered to diligently, the pain improved within weeks. After undergoing laparoscopic surgery soon afterwards, I woke up and was finally completely pain free.

I have continued a holistic approach to keep the endo at bay, with regular visits to my natural therapist. I’m now 33 and just this year had internal and external ultrasounds to check how it’s going in there – no endo to be found! My GP was surprised to hear that it hadn’t returned, and tests confirmed that I’m in great reproductive health.

It’s impossible to describe how debilitating this condition can be when it’s at its worst. After spending so much time learning about the natural approach, I really believe that this has been the key to gently and harmoniously working with my body to live healthy and strong. It has been difficult to persist through the frustration and darker moments not knowing what was happening within even my own body, but I knew that a solution must be out there and I am thankful to have found help.

I’m always looking for new ways to manage endo and look forward to hearing from others!

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