That wasn’t a fart

There’s nothing worse than an unexpected period…

Not a terrible story but quite a funny one when I think back on it.

A few years back before I was on my contraceptive pill I used to get absolutely horrible periods with extremely heavy bleeds. One day my friends and me were out on a roller skate, and suddenly I feel and got a huge gash on my knee when I got up one of my friends was looking at me a bit weird I felt a huge wet patch all over my bum and legs I didn’t even have to look twice but when I looked down I was DESTROYED 😭 I was so embarassed as the park that we were at was about an hour away from where I lived, I had to get one of the girls jackets and tie it around me I sobbed the whole way home with my skates in my hand and on the way back bumped into a group of boys I used to pal with 😂

Nothing worse than an unexpected period!

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