Stomach Pains And Exploding Cysts

When PCOS goes undiagnosed – and your cysts explode.

Exploding Body Parts

I was a relatively fit dance teacher who gradually had to reduce my teaching and get an office job because I was ” tired all the time ” and would get sharp shooting pains when I danced . My family had a history of PCOS and I never paid attention to it , they had a lot of the characteristics of PCOS and I hadn’t in the past , but had always had problems with sharp stomach pains. Trips to the ER would send me home empty handed . So one particular night I had pain so bad I was struggling to move around the house , for four months beforehand in particular, I had this gradually increasing back pain to the point I was taking anti-inflammatories every day .

I had pain leading up to my wedding, and on my wedding day, so myself and my family thought it was “stress ” . Well I reached up that night to get something from the fridge and felt a ” tearing ” sensation and a feeling of liquid moving in my stomach. I was taken to the ER locally but sent home six hours later because they were too full and gave me pain killers and said I may have scar tissue from an old operation playing up. Two weeks later I was sent to the women’s hospital with a back ache, fever , and I felt weak with a bloated tummy . I was pale and clammy and falling asleep at the drop of a hat . I was given investigative laporascopy , my appendix was taken out for good measure though not infected , and they found old blood and liquids had spilled in my abdomen, my diagnoses was a burst ovarian cyst! Immediately after the operation I woke up with more energy than I had in a few years , I felt better instantly. After the op I was finally able to start losing weight , and the mysterious back pain had gone ! It was a long road to recovery, I have since invested in tumeric capsules for their healing purposes , limited refined sugar as I always have , and I’ve gone gluten free . My advice to all other women- soldiering on is not always a good idea , if your feeling tired and sore all the time there may be a reason!

Don’t ignore your body and prevention would be the best key! I wish I had investigated this ages ago and not taken my body for granted ! Hopefully in time I will get back to dance teaching ! And I am looking forward to trying a detox soon 🙂

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