Slippery When Wet

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I’m 22 and constantly wet – no, I’m not a chronic masturbator

Slippery When Wet

I was a bit hesitant to share this story because of its embarrassing nature but I hope this helps any woman who has previously faced this problem or is currently doing so.

So as the title of my story suggests… I am always wet. Please allow me to elaborate. No, I am not always masturbating or watching porn or engaging in sexual activity. It all began around the tender age of 14-15. As one can imagine, at that age depending on how well informed you are about your body, you have a decent understanding of what being wet down there is and what causes it. At that age, I started to notice that my panties were always wet and it was from a clear/white liquid that was coming from my vagina. I later learned that the proper term is vaginal discharge. I was extremely confused as to why my body was releasing so much discharge considering I was not engaging in any of the activities mentioned above. I was comfortable enough to tell my mother about my problem and she took me to my primary care doctor who then referred me to a gynecologist.

I remember the first time I had a cold, hard tool shoved up my vagina to collect a sample. The gyne suggested it may be due to bacteria but my sample came back normal. She suggested I use Vagisil to ensure that I was clean down there. This helped calm down the itch as well.

As time went on, the discharge only got worse and I had visited 3-4 different gynecologists to get rid of the problem and each time they would collect a sample, it would always come back normal and I was handed another cream to lather my vagina with.

I was a young girl, confused and fed up that no specialist had answers for me. I then decided to have a biopsy done as a form of further testing. The biopsy consisted of the gyne numbing my vagina with 2-3 injections and then going deep inside to cut off a piece to send off to a lab for testing. I couldn’t believe at how courageous I was at 17 having such a procedure done but I knew I wanted a permanent solution to my problem.

As you can guess, the results came back normal. That is when the gyne explained to me that some women just produce discharge for no significant reason and because I always kept my area clean, it was not something to be concerned about. I am now almost 22 and still facing the same problem. I have learned to embrace it and not stress over something I cannot control. I have done my best to take care of the issue and I can rest assured knowing that it’s not something serious and will not affect my sex life.

Since 14-15, I have been wearing panty liners. Some days I don’t have any discharge at all and some days I do. I also notice that it’s worse in warmer temperatures. Whether it’s just normal discharge or a bacterial problem, always take care of your vagina. I feel as if a lot of women underestimate the importance of their vaginal health. Remember, a clean vagina is a happy vagina! 🙂

I hope this helped you!

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