PMS? Endo? What is wrong with me?


I have gone through (what feels like) a million tests just to be told that I “look fine”

I have always had extremely painful and emotional menstrual cycles. Any symptom you name, I get it. I wake up throwing up, headaches, bloating, severe cramping, constipation, mood swings… I could go on forever, but I will spare you. Due to my severe symptoms, I have been hospitalized on many occasions. I have gone through (what feels like) a million tests just to be told that I “look fine” and they send me home with muscle relaxants, nausea and pain medication.

I do not like medication, and as a result usually only take it when I feel as if I am not going to make it. This typically leads me back to the hospital, and the last time I went my gynecologist suggested that it may be endometriosis, but that is a process within itself. On my journey to “cure” this on my own, I looked into teas. I had tried tiny tea a couple of years ago for other reasons and recalled how much it helped with bloating. Tiny tea has really helped me to feel rejuvenated. Additionally, I drink a glass of peppermint tea every morning I am pms’ing to avoid nausea. Luckily, my roommate works at a teahouse and has shared with my how beneficial teas are. There are so many benefits and purposes whether it is eczema, nausea, a hangover, anxiety… herbal healing is the way to go!

Tiny Tea Teatox (28 day)


When you wish to treat your body with the respect it deserves; that's where our Tiny Tea teatox comes in. A seriously delectable brew, our Tiny Tea is your ultimate cleanse. The elixir of life some may say. We say it's a seriously good option to let you be the best version of you, each and every day.


Your Tea

Your Tea

Your Tea brings you a range of natural tea blends that are rich in flavour and love. Each tea explains when you should consume them and why. To purchase or read more visit yourtea.com
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