My Period Is On Vacation

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It’s been gone for a while and I yearn for its return


I’m one of the few women who actually WISHES for a period. Yes, we are out here and to others that may seem insane. But it’s not because I enjoy PMS, cramps and the endless amounts of trips to the bathroom. I don’t enjoy those things at all.

I do however enjoy the presence of babies, the joy of pregnancy and the thought of being a mother to another child. After all, I am now in my mid-30s and time is no longer as friendly for internal clocks. But while I carry those hopes, my period and my reproductive system have other plans in mind. I’m certain they are on strike against me and has taken an international vacation. Wherever that vacation is, it must be pleasant because my menstrual cycle hasn’t visited me in awhile. Not even a picture of local spots, or a postcard to remind me they’re still alive and kicking. It can be disheartening and depressing, but I try to stay positive. In the meantime I will continue to eat healthy, exercise mildly and drink my YourTea Fertility tea three times a day; hopeful that perhaps it will get cold and lonely wherever my reproductive friends are.

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