Me, Myself, And My Ovaries

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“You’ve got PCOS”. Great. So now, I’m an abnormal 29 year old.

Surprise PCOS

When I was 16 I woke up to the worst pain in my side. I went to A&E and they couldn’t identify what was wrong. 5 years later my GP examined me and said “You’ve got PCOS”.

When I heard the word infertility, it almost felt like one of my purposes in life had just been taken away from me. But I’m not infertile, it’s just one of the things they let you know that it’s associated with. I am now 29 and feel like I’m an abnormal individual. My periods have a mind of their own but I am always happy when they arrive. The worst part is the light bleeding I get just before I actually start my period. It smells like something has died inside of me, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. This never used to happen and so I find myself feeling really down. I don’t feel confident to talk to friends about it, as they have normal ovaries and I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me.

I try to stay as positive as I can, but it can be very heartbreaking. I’m at the age where everyone is either talking about or having babies, and I’m just here wondering about my Ovarian future. Reading all of these stories makes me feel close to everyone who shares them. I wish us all well and lots and lots of babies x

Dr. Nat talks all things PCOS

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