Learning to Love My Box Again

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Cervical cancer set off early menopause, at 28.

I was diagnosed last year with cervical cancer, given the all clear in March (yay), but the treatment has left me feeling pretty glum about my once loved lady box.
The treatment set off early menopause at 28, which has been a real struggle! I feel like my vagina has aged before its time….dryness, itchiness, sore and just generally looks down in the dumps. Sex is also very painful. The treatment has left me with a very narrow and short vagina. I’m in vagina training at the moment with a set of very sexy dilators, which will hopefully help over time!
I just wanted to share that life after gynae cancers can be tough, tougher than the treatment, but I’m learning each day to fall back in love with her and am staying positive that we will get there together!
I hope this helps anyone reading that you aren’t alone 🙂

Image via Kathleen Shank – Pinterest.

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