There’s one thing I love most in life – watching a pregnant…

There’s one thing I love most in life – watching a pregnant woman thrive.  By the time it’s come to light that a mother is expecting, she’s done half of the hard work already!  The first trimester for many can be a pretty icky time.  There can be morning sickness, lower abdominal pain, insomnia, fatigue, frequent trips to the toilet, dizziness… the list goes on and on. But there is one thing I’ve come to know as I’ve treated thousands of women in their early stages of pregnancy and beyond.  It’s what you do to move yourself towards optimal health during this time that counts.

Perhaps you’ve been taking Fertility Tea in the lead up to your pregnancy (congrats on that by the way) or perhaps you are in the midst of your first trimester wondering how on earth you can face another morning feeling queasy.  Perhaps, you’ve been feeling awesome and want it to stay that way!  Fertility Tea is your friend.  This unique, gentle and safe formulation might just be your ticket in taking your pregnancy to the next level.

Fertility Tea is unique in the sense that it is a multi-facet formulation that can be utilized to support your menstrual cycle and is useful during pregnancy to help support your body ongoing.  This is all achievable because of its focus on balancing hormones.  So not only is it useful in supporting fertility but maintaining it. It is perfectly safe to be used no matter what stage of your fertility journey.

Fertility Tea contains an amazing ingredient called Wu Wei Zi. This is a herb that is said to shine a light on the uterus. It helps to maximize the potential of the womb. It is gently warming in nature and supports the overall function of hormones as it interacts with the heart and kidney.  From a TCM viewpoint, both the heart and kidney play a key role in hormone regulation. When we translate this to the western point of view, it sums up the role that the pituitary has over the uterus in ensuring everything is in good working order. This herb alongside the others helps to keep this all in check.

The other mild herbal ingredients in the Fertility Tea blend help to support healthy blood (after all it’s the blood flow to the uterine lining that supports early pregnancy) and supports healthy progesterone. This formula is nicely tied together to ensure you are well supported throughout your pregnancy, well into the time of recovery from birth. Because of its ability to support healthy blood it also sets up a good foundation for breastfeeding.

You can see that fertility tea can take you from your pre-conception (and earlier) right through your pregnancy to support your body on every level.  You’ll feel great and your baby will absolutely love you for it!  We’re pretty proud of this gentle blend, to help women create an optimal environment for their unborn is certainly a welcome gift for every woman!

Written by TCM Doctor Nat Kringoudis.

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