Everyone Is Having Babies, I’m Just Making Cysts

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In high school, they told us making babies was easy…

Babies & Cysts

It was my second year of university when I was diagnosed with PCOS.

Throughout the busy class schedules, working several jobs to pay my tuition/rent and trying to keep up somewhat of a social life, I didnt even realise that I was “flow-less” for months. By the time I realized, it had been almost a year. Part of me wanted to be excited, who likes the pesky thing anyways? But I like to think I am somewhat health conscious and thought, well that just cant be right. So I took a trip to my GP and after many trips for blood work, ultrasounds and what felt like several hundred doctors appointments, I was told I had PCOS.

At first, I didnt take it seriously. I dont think I really realized just how much of a toll it could take on my life. But as the years went on it seemed all my problems stemmed from that dreaded acronym I was so tired of hearing. I tried to accept my fate and move on- I still hadnt had a period despite our many efforts to make it happen- and I was doing a pretty good job until I met my husband. When I told my GP I was getting married she said we should start trying for children, so we tried…and tried…and tried some more. I never thought I would be praying for a monthly cycle. Over a year passed and we were referred to a fertility specialist, but then the waiting game began again. I started to blame myself, my stress got worse and depression started to creep into my life.

Every pregnancy announcement made us bitter. We were still waiting to hear the date of our first appointment and just when I was starting to give up on my hope of ever having a child, I stumbled upon an add for Your Teas Fertility Tea. I ordered it minutes later. Waiting for my tea to arrive has given me hope that I can get this pesky thing under control and has encouraged me to take care of myself in the meantime!

Thank you Your Tea for the pick me up I needed in this tough time!

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