Endo Cure After 17 Years? Maybe.


Unfortunately I miscarried at 7 weeks. It was sad but it was really amazing progress! I actually got pregnant! For the first time in 17 YEARS!

Ever since my first period – I’ve had problems, I was at school said nothing, walked into the room and was told to go to sick bay and sent home. Apparently I was literally green. Fact is that was just the beginning of lifelong issues and for a very long time I didn’t realise that it wasn’t like that for everyone. I didn’t even realise that it wasn’t normal, to bleed that much, for that long, to be in so much pain. As I got older I started to realise that either I was terribly pain intolerant or majority of women didn’t go through that at all. I had a friend with severe endo, she dissapeared whenever it was her time of month so I didn’t really see her suffering as such – if I had of I would have seen myself and realised that it was possible I had what she had.

I just thought since I had so much pain hers must have been so much worse. At 25 I decided I was ready well and truly to have a baby. My mother and sister would always joke about how they needed to be so careful they didn’t fall pregnant and I just expected to be the same. I wasn’t. I have pretty much tried everything since then…….IVF, trying, not trying, BBT, Pills, Supplements, Exercise. I’ve had Mirena’s and I’ve had polyps removed, I’ve had laparoscopy and really only then had my diagnosis confirmed – Severe Stage IV Endometriosis. Apparently I was so bad they couldn’t even remove it, my tubes were totally blocked (they weren’t last time I had them checked) and most of it is around the bowel, but its everywhere else as well.

They couldn’t unblock my tubes. Again only option – IVF – again – nothing.

My time is running out as I’m now in my 40’s and still would desperately love to have a baby. After this last IVF I was told that there was nothing else they could do.

So I was depressed for a while recovering from all the drugs, surgery and everything that goes with IVF when I thought to myself – no that isn’t it. I started researching on the internet naturally unblocking tubes and discovered an enzyme called Serrapeptase. It was expensive but I also found countless accounts of women who’d successfully naturally unblocked their tubes with it – so I bought the strongest I could 250,000iu’s and started taking 3 caps x 3 day and guess what – I felt great, my endo wasn’t so bad, my periods got lighter – significantly lighter and I didn’t have much pain at all. I also started Photobiomodulation twice a day (red light therapy) and I started to feel like my body was just changing, purging and detoxing and I really doing some amazing things.

Then about 3.5mths on it – like all the other women – I got pregnant! I couldn’t believe it. My tubes were unblocked.

Unfortunately I miscarried at 7 weeks. It was sad but it was really amazing progress! I actually got pregnant! For the first time in 17 YEARS! I know that you should wait 3mths after a miscarriage before trying again so we waited, I’m still on Serrapeptase and will be I think forever, and we moved house and started renovating so I haven’t been able to keep up my previous routine and whilst I’ve been doing my red light – not as much as I should be and I really notice it. We are desperately trying to get settled in our new house and finish off the things that we need to do so I can get back into my routine again – I believe that it will happen again, and this time stick and I will get to be a mother.

My Dr couldn’t believe it and now tells all his patients about serrapeptase (Good Health Naturally Nutrition Brand) and red light therapy (RegenR8 Pulse) who have endometriosis. I can only recommend these brands as I’ve not tried others and had any success. I think I might have just found a cure for my endometriosis – if I get pregnant again I definitely have!

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