Clean It Up

A trip down ‘natural’ lane cleared up the cysts, and kicked infertility to the curb.


In my late teens I used to get these crippling pains in my abdomen where I would double over and not be able to move. Due to this I was late to numerous appointments, missed coffee catch ups and even crashed my car; Not a good start to adulting.

I went to the doctors and they all had different theories until I found my current doctor who did the right scans and found out that I was growing massive cysts that could potentially cause ovarian torsion! On top of all this I was also having fainting spells where I would be out for ages and breaks stuff (on myself and things around me) on the way down. My doctor said that something needed to change to see if these things reduce in size or go away or else it is surgery. Not too keen on the idea of surgery at all, my dad (of all people) said why don’t you go down the natural therapies path? So I booked an appointment with a Naturopath/Nutritionist and she heard my story and said, it sounds like your out of whack! So she gave me some natural herbal supplements and told me I needed to quit refined sugar and clean up my diet.

So I took them and cleaned it up. The pain mostly went away, I stopped fainting and adulting got easier.
My doctor warned me that due to the cysts it may be hard to get pregnant so just be aware of the later in life.
Fast forward a few years and I met my now husband, a few weeks out from the wedding we found out that despite protection we were having a baby – hard to get pregnant my rear end! And now we have a little girl and I am cyst free on a clean diet with some herbal supplements and the occasional Your Tea blend to boost me up.

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