Christmas Lights On Ovaries – A PCOS Story

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As the probe moved over to the right the screen lit up like a Christmas tree. There, in all their glowing intricacy were 18 cysts…with another 16 over to the left.

“Oh, you have PCOS don’t you?”.

That’s how Bronwyn Delaivuna learnt she had PCOS.

She already has two beautiful children and they were trying for their third. It was 14 months in when she had that gut feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

Sitting in the chair, her legs in stirrups during a ‘routine’ internal ultrasound (not anyone’s idea of fun); as the probe moved over to the right the screen lit up like a Christmas tree. There, in all their glowing intricacy were 18 cysts…with another 16 over to the left.

YT: Have you found treatment that works for you?

BD: After being diagnosed I was told to go on a complete lifestyle change and loose around 5-10% body weight and give that 2 months to see if things change. Just over 3 months later and 11.5kgs gone I’m still currently experiencing the PCOS symptoms. I’ve just recently gone back onto YourTea cause a couple of years ago it really helped with my hormonal acne, energy and weight loss which then having the energy it cleared up my anxiety! Win win! I’ve even tried a Yoni steam!! Haha don’t know what a Yoni is?? Neither did I until I was referred a steam. A steaming for your Vagina! Haha

We’re open to new things and a steam for our Vajayjays sounds like something we should all get around.

Image supplied with permission from Rebecca Flattley.

YT: If PCOS was a movie title what would it be and why?

BD: Currently for me it’s – Groundhog Day 😩

YT: When do you know the PMS storm has arrived?

BD: HAHA! I think everyone knows! I even think my neighbours down the street know hahaha. I almost feel sorry for my family because my patience goes out the window! I find the two days before I get my period I get hot flushes, intense cramping and a tidal wave of hormones that I’m sure my husband is stoked he works fifo hahaha.

YT: How does PCOS impact your day to day life?

BD: Before we started trying to conceive it just effected my skin, weight and anxiety which made me uncomfortable in my own skin to a point of wearing heavy makeup, wearing heaps of layers and not venturing out as much as usual, But what’s been more important to me lately is trying to conceive and although I wouldn’t say it’s been a bad effect on my relationship with my husband it’s just definitely been challenging in the sense of secondary infertility in our relationship which can be a huge strain.

YT: What is the worst thing about having PCOS/ infertility?

BD: Having no control over what’s happening to my body infuriates me to my core. But of course, fertility trouble, hormonal acne, weight gain and anxiety. Those are my daily struggles with PCOS.

PCOS impacts mental health just as much as physical health, unfortunately Bronwyn suffers from extreme anxiety as a result of her battle. Her ability and courage to talk openly about her struggles empowers other women to do the same and to face their own challenges with PCOS.

“I have had complete strangers (who I now call friends) reach out and thank me for being so brave and honest about PCOS.” 

YT: What makes you cry?

BD: It’s very rare that I will cry from sadness unless we have lost someone close but I’m usually crying from happiness! That’s hormones for you right! Haha I’m a hopeless romantic so there is hardly a romance movie that I can’t shed a tear OR getting lost on a YouTube binge of birth videos (I love watching babies being born) I will ALWAYS cry because I just think watching a baby being born is life’s biggest miracle.

YT: What’s your advice to women who are suffering or who suspect they have it?

BD: Don’t be afraid or ashamed. Being a Woman our instincts are pretty spot on most the time, so if you feel like something is not right! Chances are they aren’t and you should definitely seek for advice. One thing I wish I did sooner was seek a doctors opinion, as now we have been trying to conceive for 20 months it makes me wonder if I would of been pregnant sooner if I had.

Trust your gut, it usually knows when something isn’t right.

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