Boost Your Box’s Qi

When foreign bodies cause your box anguish, it’s time to change your approach and boost your box’s Qi.

I Like My Eggs In Cake

In the not too distant past after a particularly heavy period I started getting a lot discharge. My underwear looked like someone dunked them in creme freche and the smell was not my fav. Panicked I went to the doctor and got every test I could. Nothing. No bacterial infection, no viruses, according to them I was healthy. My dirty draws stated otherwise.

After doing some online research I came to the conclusion that because of foreign things in my cha cha(male body parts/ heavy flow) my body was producing the good bacteria that naturally live there – but just way too much of them. I read blog after blog of people saying they’ve had that problem for years and didn’t know what to do about it. I felt like I was doomed. I even contemplated taking Chinese herbal medicinal tea, they describe the problem as too much yin that settles the moisture in my groin… Whatever that means. Nothing seemed to work. Until… I had a realization. My body is out of synch.

So what can I do to put it back? I worked out 4 times a week to help flush the body through sweat. I began a fully vegan diet (burritos are a food group so this was difficult for me ladies). I stopped drinking… And took up drinking tea (from this company yes). Even after a week I could see a change. Not only was I feeling better in general but that mess downstairs really started to clear up. It felt amazing to see my hard work helping my body function properly. Now I eat a very balanced diet (no dairy, rarely drink, stick to fish) and I practice yoga and weight lifting to help my continue flushing my systems but I’ve never felt better. I really wanted to write this story so that if any girl out there has a similar issue there is a way to help yourself but it takes discipline and dedication to making you the best you. Go for it girls!

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