The never ending quest for balance when you’re on IVF

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I decided to take 3 months off from treatment, to get my body back before

Well brief history, been trying for a baby for the last 4 years, have had a number of tests done on me and still there is no clue on why I can’t get pregnant. I have been referred to a specialist about 3 years ago for investigations and on my final stage (which is IVF).

I always thought that it might be a form of PCOS (although the Doc’s have never found any evidence that I have). I have had enough meds to help me on the process but nothing is working currently. I have even turned to acupuncture (which didn’t work).

I have failed rounds of IUI (I have ovulated enough to take it further) and one failed IVF under out belt.

So I decided to take 3 months off from treatment, to get my body back to before
treatment (although Dr have given me metformin to take to improve my egg quality).

During month 1 of time out, I decided to do some research on alternatives, I came across fertility tea and I was very interested. After a bit more reading I decided to buy the PCOS pack that included the Tiny tea and the Fertility tea. Decided to take the first tea on the first day of my cycle and I┬ádidn’t think that it would have such an effect on my body. the first month of Tiny for 14 days and half of Fertility made my body feel great and normal again (pre trying and without all the fertility drugs).

Currently I am still on the teas and ready for round 2 of IVF, Fingers crossed x

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