Birth control messes with my box

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I did lose my period (YAY!) BUT I now have light spotting for 20/30 days of the month 😳

So just like any adult woman, eventually you need to get on the birth control band wagon if you have a partner (or wanna have some fun) and wanna avoid having a baby.

After doing a lot of research I decided my best option was the shot since too many things go wrong with the pill and the possible discomfort associated with the other forms available to me did not make them appealing.

So I got the shot (on my second round now) and what I have can only be described as bad luck. My doctor told me how most women don’t get their period at all and love it. I did lose my period (YAY!) BUT I now have light spotting for 20/30 days of the month. AND even though I still get turned on, the spotting makes it take much longer for me to physically be ready for sex.

It was a nightmare.

And I didn’t want to swap to the pill so instead my partner and I work around it. I have more water and tea (cause tea is easier to drink all the time than water), foreplay lasts twice as long (yay!) and we always work around what makes it easier for me – which he seems to like too. And so far that’s been going well. I don’t have a miracle solution but maybe if you have the same problem it can be a small fix!

Here’s some tips from the blog on managing irregular periods

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