Two ovaries, countless cysts, one miracle.


I’d never heard of PCOS before but I was sure I had it, a trip to the GP confirmed it.

Two years ago I noticed and increase in acne, facial hair and weight gain and I did what any modern girl would do, I googled it. I’d never heard of PCOS before but I was sure I had it, a trip to the GP confirmed it. They stopped counting the cysts after they got to 9, at 20 years old I was informed that I’d probably never have kids. To hear this news after recently getting engaged to my high school boyfriend was heartbreaking, I told him I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to leave as we always wanted a big family and that dream was feeling more and more out of reach. He stood by me, through every negative pregnancy test, through every emotional breakdown and every heartbreak at watching a new friend fall pregnant. After what felt like an eternity of misery the unthinkable happened! A positive test!! My man spent the first 12 weeks refusing to get excited in case something went wrong. My daughter turned one in August, she has been worth every sickening moment of pregnancy, every painful moment of labour and every trying moment of motherhood. I’ve had constant pain in my lower stomach for 2 months now and on Wednesday I go for an ultrasound to check my ovaries as they fear a cyst has ruptured and damaged my ovaries. To hear that my ovaries may be taken out and any chance I have of having another baby is gone is devastating… but it is not the worst. I have our gorgeous girl who prevailed through doubt. I’m so lucky compared to a lot of the women out there struggling but be strong ladies, we got this.

Image via @chelsea.jean

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