The Perfect Match-a!

Discover the six reasons you need to add matcha tea to your daily routine.

Surprising! That’s the first thing you’ll think when you try the green goddess of teas, matcha. Popeye taught us that eating our greens was necessary to be strong and healthy. Now, matcha tea is proving it in just one little cup.

At first, the thought of drinking a vibrant cup of grass-colored tea might throw you off, but all you need is that first sip to become a convert. If the taste doesn’t win you over, you’ll give in when you discover the many life-changing benefits of matcha tea.


More Energy

Unlike coffee, matcha tea has a better caffeine high; that’s because it’s more subtle. Matcha creates a calm alertness in your body with just a quarter of the caffeine. While you might think it’s not enough, it’s actually the perfect amount to ensure that there are no spikes or crashes. Instead, when you drink matcha tea, you should increase in energy gradually and decrease just as gradually—no need for a nap. It works so well because the caffeine in matcha combines with the phytonutrient L-theanine to slow your body’s absorption, so it lasts over three hours.

Mood Improver

Matcha tea contains the amino acid L-Theanine. This ingredient is key to putting you in a good mood. It’s a neurotransmitter that activates your brain’s alpha waves, resulting in a feeling of calmness. It also improves your mental clarity so you’ll feel more ready to take on whatever you have to face over the day.

Immune Support

Every cup of Organic Matcha Tea contains incredible immune-boosting properties including antioxidants such as catechines. The catechines in matcha tea affect your body on a cellular level to fight bacteria, viral, and fungal infections. A single cup of matcha tea also contains substantial quantities of potassium, vitamins A and C, iron, enzymes, and calcium. Everything the body needs.

Metabolism Booster

Drinking a cup of matcha tea each day can boost your body’s ability to burn fat. It works so well because it improves your body’s ability to utilize energy. In fact, a study by the American Society of Clinical Nutrition showed that the daily energy expenditure rate of adults who drink matcha tea is increased by 35-40%.

Weight Loss Aid

Matcha tea can also help you lose more weight. Its high concentration of catechines has thermogenic properties. These properties promote fat oxidation to help you lose more weight, more quickly. Matcha tea also helps keep you hydrated and satiates your desire for sugar so you can eat healthier and stay on the right path.

It’s Delicious

Almost anyone can learn to fall in love with matcha tea; that’s because you can make it work for you. Matcha tea is the perfect base for any blend. You can make it creamy, spice, minty, sweet, bitter, bold, or light depending on what you decide to add to your cup. A little bit of honey can transform it into a sweet cuppa. A splash of milk can give you the creamy taste you crave.

No doubt you know about green tea. Matcha is not just any old green tea. We source the most superior certified organic green tea leaves from Japan; which are steamed, dried, the leaves stripped from the stems, then ground into a fine powder. This powder, that’s matcha. Given that it contains the entire leaf, it’s not your standard green tea.
Benefits of drinking matcha include cleansing, increased energy, possible weight loss, immunity, relaxing and calming the mind, and regulating metabolism.

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