The Energy of the Universe…and you

“Have you joined the dots to this wild crazy thing called life and realised that everything is connected?” Dr Nat TCM

Have you joined the dots to this wild crazy thing called life and realised that everything is connected?

From the environment you live in, to the corners of your health, everything we do, say, think, and act on impacts us both externally and internally. There is no escaping and whilst that might sound like a frightful jail sentence, it doesn’t need to be scary at all – learning to embrace it is all part of tapping into a sweet spot to make life easier, not harder.


The moon provides a powerful example of such. It has the ability to pull the tides and keep gravity in check. If you think you’re exempt of being pulled into all its almighty strength -think again. Given us humans are around 70% water, the moon is certainly going to have its way with us and when our bodies are out of balance, even more so. Ask any emergency service person what nightshift is like on a full moon and they will very quickly share just how ‘crazy’ this time is each and every month. We are connected. Each and every day, this environmental pull is happening around us, influencing us.

In the same vein, farms plant, weed, sow and water by the moon, depending on its different phases. This is a powerful guide that nature has provided us with. Perhaps you’ve noticed, the moon makes you ‘moody.’ If at times you feel this more than others, it is a sure sign your internal imbalances need a little TLC. How clever is nature?

Given this amazing connection we share with the world around us, the physical part of ourselves can be immensely influenced by our environment. Yet again, we cannot separate the physical self from the innate self. Our soul is who we are, our body is simply the physical vessel. Should we happen to live in a messy, dirty space, often our emotional health follows suit and we find ourselves stressed and overextended and our core self-suffers. We can all relate to this at some stage…

We may not always make the correlation and it’s difficult to know what came first, the unhappy soul or the messy life.

What matters most is realizing that one influences the other and to really create a happier and healthier self, we must endeavor to find balance throughout. Above all, rather than searching for the answer of what’s what (as in which came first, the poor health or the mess), simply start doing. Creating change comes from this place of doing. Your daily practice of gratitude, meditation or mindfulness is to be inserted right here – consider it, your teleport to reconnecting.

From a TCM view, the body and the soul are attached to each other much like a badge stuck to your favorite jacket. In Chinese Medicine we call the soul or the spirit, the ‘shen;’ that is what makes us each beautifully individual. After all, the physical makeup of each of us isn’t any different from the next, we all have arms, legs, hearts that beat and brains that tick. What truly makes us individual is the spirit that resides in each of us. It is said that when we sleep, the

It is said that when we sleep, the shen resides in the heart and when we rise it awakens in the eyes. When the shen is disturbed, sleep may be difficult, the eyes will lack luster and we can become moody and disconnected.

Within the spirit is where our rare goodness lies. Our intuition, our quirky personalities, emotions and feelings too. The magic parts to our very beings reside here, and nurturing this core and innate part of the self can ignite something super special. This balance between our spirit and our physical may be the essential ingredient to wellbeing. Much like TCM bridges between the body and the soul, our teas do the same, aiming to achieve this same connection.

Consider your cup, your dose of meditation – integrating your senses and your shen.

Next time you’re feeling disconnected, perhaps consider your environment, is it playing into the mix? We’ve got solutions in a teacup at your ready to assist. It’s all about bringing back the balance to your life. We’ve got you.

Natalie Kringoudis is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist, Natural Fertility Educator, Author and owner of The Pagoda Tree.

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