Man Tea for gains? Man Tea to reduce fluid retention? Man Tea…

Man Tea for gains? Man Tea to reduce fluid retention? Man Tea to address digestive health? Man Tea for stamina?

Yes, yes and yes. But how?

We’ve asked our TCM Dr. Peter Haxell to explain our Man Tea in depth, because this intricate group of herbs has a very loyal fan base… here’s why.

“Man Tea supports the body for those who are looking for a healthier and natural edge to compliment their training and dietary regimes. It’s inevitable at some point in your training that you’ll hit a plateau – weights aren’t going up as quickly or easily as they used to, you’re more fatigued and lethargic, eating excess amounts of food and protein shakes are causing bloating and gut discomfort. Or you’re trying to cut some body fat yet feeling foggy-headed, tired, washed out, hungry and grumpy all the time. If this is sounding or feeling familiar, Man Tea is tailor-made for this point in your training journey.

This blend contains herbs that support the digestive system. Allowing your digestive system to extract adequate nutrients from your food to ensure you have more energy to train, and the compounds required for muscles to recover. 

From a TCM perspective, muscles are fed by blood. Nutrients such as protein, oxygen, and fluids are critical to nourish and increase the recovery of muscle tissue. Nutrients that are extracted from the digestive system drive repair of muscle tissue, as well as supplying the energy to drive activity.

If you’re looking to increase muscle gains and strength then it’s a straight forward process: progressive overload in your training (lifting more weights/training more intensely), and surplus intake of nutrients. Additionally, maintain a balance of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and good fats. Of course, you have to eat more than your body needs. However, this can place a heavy load on the digestive system and as a result, deplete your reserves of energy — leaving you unable to train at optimum levels.  

The body maintains homeostasis by rebalancing of the body to external or internal stressors. With weight training, it damages the muscle tissue so the body regrows it a little stronger and bigger each time to adapt to the stress on the muscles. 

Man tea is formulated to naturally give you enough energy to bust through a training block with a full head of steam. It contains ginseng — an adaptogenic herb. Ginseng can regulate your adrenal response to stress, up or down as required. It is combined with licorice root to improve digestive function, in order to increase and support energy and stamina.

This combination also helps the gut regulate fluids to reduce fluid retention as well. Perfect for giving you the drive to bust through a plateau in training, or to help with leaning up in a cutting phase if you’re holding onto too much fluid.

Another herb in Man Tea is lia gu lan – it is known colloquially in southern china as ”the immortal’s herb”. Purportedly because of its supposed health benefits and anti-ageing properties. In Southern China, it is often consumed as a herbal tea in the morning to increase energy and stamina and can often be used as a substitute for ginseng.

Black and green tea have a thermogenic effect on the body, increasing metabolism and fat-burning ability, and contain a high number of antioxidants to repair the damage ongoing stress has on the cells of the body.

Last but certainly not least is the herb Tribulus. Tribulus is used here as a yang tonic; essentially to increase stamina and virility to help push through and train harder than ever before. It has been claimed to naturally help boost testosterone levels.

Traditionally Tribulus is used as a general male tonic, however, in this Man Tea dosage, it is still suitable for ladies looking for a stamina boost with their training’.

Yours in gains,

Your Tea.
Photo via @mirailooks

Man Tea

Man Tea

Our Man Tea herbs are a powerful blend designed to support the male constitution. The ingredients are known for restoring digestive integrity, especially where supplements/protein drinks for the gym are known to damage. Restoration of the digestive system is key in this blend, as well as the ability for the ingredients to reduce inflammation and fluid retention in the body. Man Tea provides a natural and continual increase in energy via addressing the root functionality of the body. It is ideal for men who have a significant gym routine and wish to maximise their strength, gains and overall results.


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