Unfortunately, lymphodema is an issue we hear all too often at Your…

Unfortunately, lymphodema is an issue we hear all too often at Your Tea. Not only it is uncomfortable, but it is also curious to try and tackle. We’ve asked TCM Doctor Lauren Curtain which blend she feels would be the most suitable for Lymphodema.

“We recommend our over-achieving blend, Digestive Herbs for any symptoms relating to edema, fluid retention, bloating and stagnation. Digestive Herbs work fundamentally on the digestive system, our metabolism and how we transform and transport fluids around the body. Fluid retention, swelling and/or edema (aka damp) from a Chinese medicine perspective indicates there are body fluids where there shouldn’t be and the digestive fire doesn’t have the strength to move fluid and stagnation from the body, so accumulations arise.

Digestive Herbs not only work on strengthening the digestive system to prevent further stagnation of fluids/dampness, it also contains herbs that actively dry up and clear out excess fluid and damp so you see results, faster. ”

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