Weight gain is a symptom, usually a result of one part of…

Weight gain is a symptom, usually a result of one part of your body ineffectively doing its job. Usually, we look at weight gain as the problem, when in actuality, it’s the symptom of the real issue. A dysfunctional liver, distressed hormones, and stress are often to blame for weight gain.

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Weight loss is likely to result from a few things. By improving stress levels, hormone health, and digestion with our Liver Cleanse, one of the likely side effects is going to be weight loss.

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Stress is one of the key players in weight gain, sending your stress hormone, cortisol, crazy. Excess cortisol indirectly increases oestrogen levels. This is the case for both Men and Women. Dr. Nat TCM helps us understand the link between oestrogen and weight gain.

Dr. Nat TCM helps us understand the link between oestrogen and weight gain.

“Research scientists have found that having either too much or too little oestrogen signals the body to hold onto the extra kilos especially around the waist, thighs, under the bottom and at the tops of the arms. As oestrogen levels rise, controlling your weight becomes a really tricky task, because fat cells are also responsible for producing oestrogen. So the more fat cells, the more oestrogen released into the body, the more fat cells grow. And to add to the issue, increased oestrogen contributes to bloating and fluid retention.”

When your body is overrun with oestrogen, your liver has a difficult time metabolising it, working overtime, meaning your liver ends up overworked and exhausted, getting clogged up and inefficient.

Oestrogen dominance happens when your bodies sex hormones are out of whack, often a result of:

•high consumption of non-organic meat, especially poultry – the high levels of hormones present here dramatically increases your bodies oestrogen

•there is a direct link between excess copper and high levels of oestrogen

•increased phytoestrogens (oestrogen mimicking chemicals found in things like plastics, chemicals in beauty products, soy products and chemicals in our environment)

The result of this is all things PMS, painful, heavy, or clotting periods; pain at ovulation; upper lip facial hair – yes, really; and premenstrual tension like emotions being out of whack or breast tenderness.

And. Yes. You guessed it. Weight gain.

To put it simply, your body needs to effectively metabolise oestrogen, otherwise it ends up in your blood stream, resulting in oestrogen dominance.

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