Throw a Chinese New Year Party

Ring in the Chinese New Year this February 8 with a fantastic party. Just make sure you have the right decorations, food, and games ready.

The Chinese New Year is coming up on February 8, 2016, and that means it’s the perfect time to plan your Chinese New Year party! It’s the year of the Monkey, so it’s definitely a good year to get down and have some fun. When it comes to planning your party, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


Lucky Things

For your party, stick with the colors white, blue, and gold. Those are all lucky colors for the monkey and red or pink are definite bad luck colors. You can also decorate with chrysanthemum or serve chrysanthemum tea and use crape myrtle flowers in your centerpieces if you want to bring in, even more, luck. As for how many people you should invite, the lucky numbers for Monkey are 4 and 9 so try to use those numbers, and you’ll be set—just be sure to avoid 2 and 7.

Party Decorations

Decorating for a Chinese New Year can be a blast. The key is to set the stage correctly.

  • Fortune Cookies: Whether you serve fortune cookies as your snack, or you create these adorable fortune cookie party favors, they’re sure to be a hit.
  • Themed Centerpiece: It’s the year of the monkey, so make sure you work a monkey silhouette into your centerpiece somehow. You could make a beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemum and other flowers and then cut out an adorable monkey in craft paper to hang off the edge.
  • Set Elegant Place Settings: It’s the Chinese New Year, so make sure you have gorgeous hand-painted rice bowls with matching chopsticks set up at each seat. We recommend white bowls with blue or gold flowers and dark blue chopsticks.
  • Choose Unique Dishes: Dishes with unique and streamlined curves are perfect for a Chinese New Year party. Don’t choose the simple round serving dish; choose something with geometric patterns instead.
  • Lanterns: No party is complete without lanterns. The Chinese Lantern Festival is always celebrated soon after the New Year and so adding a few colorful lanterns around your party is a great way to pay homage.

Chinese New Year Party Food

Once you’ve decorated for your party, next you have to decide what type of food you’ll want to serve.

  • Tea: A Chinese New Year party and tea go hand-in-hand. Serve a simple Jasmine Green to kick off your party while you’re waiting for everyone to arrive. Then, at the end, you can serve Black Honey Heaven tea for dessert.
  • Tangerine Cocktail: While tea is great, it’s a party so don’t forget the cocktails. The Spiced Tangerine Cocktail is a staple for any New Year’s celebration. According to Chinese tradition, it will bring you luck and wealth.
  • Asian Dumplings: For an appetizer, you could serve Andrew Zimmern’s Boiled Chinese Dumplings. His recipe is simple but delicious, and you’ll love the results.
  • Cashew Chicken: As for your main course, nothing says Chinese New Year like a decadent bowl of Cashew Chicken. The Honey Cashew Chicken with Rice recipe from MyRecipes gets rave reviews and only requires four steps to make.

To complete your Chinese New Year party, make sure you have lots of fun gambling. Set up a poker table or a table for Blackjack. You can play for money, or play for truth or dare consequences. The key is to have a great time.


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