The Truth About Laxative Tea

Uncover the truth about laxative teas and why we’ve made Tiny Tea to focus on your overall health, and not just your waistline.

When you hear about our Digestive Herbs formerly Tiny Tea detox, you probably assume it’s a laxative tea. You couldn’t be more wrong. The goal of Digestive Herbs isn’t to purge your system through bowel movements; it’s to use gentle herbs to help jump-start your digestion and improve your overall health. So what’s the difference between Digestive Herbs and the typical laxative tea?

What Is Laxative Tea?

Laxative teas use a combination of stimulants and herbs to promote bowel movements and relieve constipation. The truth is that laxative teas are just an herbal version of Ex-lax. They use the senna leaf for its anti-inflammatory and purgative qualities. Unfortunately, laxative teas are all about temporary weight loss. They don’t change your body; just empty it in the short term.

Concerns about Laxative Tea

Laxatives are diuretics. They cause short-term loss of water weight, which can imitate real weight loss. Your body needs water. So, while you might temporarily feel like you’ve dropped pounds, in reality, you’ll gain it all back. Your body doesn’t do well with dehydration.

In addition, women who are pregnant or people suffering from eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia should not use laxative teas. It can actually compromise your wellbeing.

Side Effects of Laxative Tea

When you use laxative teas to lose weight, all you’re really doing is cleansing out your colon. You’re not losing weight. You’re not improving your wellbeing or cleansing your body. Even worse, if you use laxative teas over the long term, you could actually cause constipation and become dependent.

Laxative tea can also harm you by taking away your ability to absorb the nutrients that you need from your food. When you force your body to quickly digest by initiating purging, you’re not giving yourself the time you need to absorb the vitamins and minerals necessary to your health.

How Is Digestive Herbs Different?

Digestive Herbs does not cause your body to purge itself. Instead, we use mild herbs that nourish and cleanse your digestive system. The goal of our Digestive Herbs is to restore your body back to its best health, and once it’s working optimally, you can begin to lose weight. We don’t want you to become dehydrated or dependent on laxatives. Instead, we want to improve your gut function so that you can absorb all the nutrients you need and feel better than you ever have before.

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