Teacup Clock DIY Craft

Brighten up your home with an incredible DIY craft—a teacup clock!

Are you looking for some unique and amazing wall décor? We’ve found a teacup clock that we’re absolutely in love with.

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Isn’t it adorable? Well, you can now make it yourself with a great tutorial from Retropolitan. It’s cute. It works. It’s a conversation started. Let’s get started.



  • 4ft by 4ft piece of underlayment
  • 12 teacup and saucer sets
  • 1 clock movement and hands (craft store)
  • Paint, stencils, or stamps (whatever you want for decoration)
  • Glass or porcelain epoxy
  • 2 nuts and bolts
  • Photo wire



  1. Mark the center of the 4×4 board with a nail.
  2. Cut a piece of string 27 inches long and use it as the radius of your circle to know where to paste the teacups.
  3. Tie one end of the string to the nail and tie a pencil to the other end. Trace a large circle on the board.
  4. Using a jig saw, cut out the circle.
  5. Then, drill a larger hole in the center of the circle to accommodate the clock mechanism.
  6. Now, get creative. Paint and decorate your clock back however you want to decorate it. Have fun!
  7. Lay out the 12 teacups and saucers like a clock face around the circle. Once you have them laid out how you want, use the epoxy to glue down each cup. Let sit for 24 hours.
  8. Attach the hanging hire to the back of the clock face with two nuts and bolts (make sure it’s secure).
  9. When connecting to the wall, make sure you use heavy duty connections to ensure the heavy clock doesn’t fall.


large clock


Header image courtesy of Samantha Marx on Flickr


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