Next Girl’s Night, Throw a Makeup Party

The next time you need a girl’s night, do something a little different. Throw a Makeup Party.

Are you tired of always doing the same old things with your friends? If your regular parties and nights of “Netflix and Chill” are getting old, we’ve got an idea for a night of fun, silliness, and beauty. We’re sure you remember doing makeover nights from when you were young. Well, just because you’re an adult now doesn’t mean you can’t do it again. To class it up, make it a Makeup Party.

A Makeup Party lets you get all dolled up with your friends while relaxing and learning new makeup tricks and tips. You can even invite a makeup artist to come over and teach you everything a professional artist needs to know! If you’re ready to give your first Makeup Party a try, here are the things you’ll need.



Okay, this was probably a given but we want to be thorough. Ask your friends to bring all the makeup they have so you have a wide range of products to work with. However, you will need to buy disposable applicators and brush cleaner, so your tools stay clean. It’s not a good idea to share brushes, as they collect bacteria and spread germs. If you hire a makeup artist, make sure you ask them what makeup they’ll be providing and what makeup you should have on hand.


No Makeup Party is complete without food. However, don’t order in greasy pizza. Keep it light and easy to eat. You could make our Mediterranean Wraps and service our Omega-3 Chocolate Bliss Balls for dessert. And don’t forget drinks. A Makeup Party is the perfect night for champagne and wine, but if you’re going to drink, make sure you also have some Hangover Tea on hand to make sure your morning isn’t a headache.


Don’t forget cute decorations around the house. If you’re looking for ideas, Pinterest has a ton of Makeup & Spa Party ideas. Use bright colors and hang signs over the spa area, food table, and nail painting section. Instead of spin the traditional bottle, spin the nail polish. There are a ton of things you can do. And don’t forget that you need specific areas ready for makeup application. You’ll need a well-lit area with tables, chairs, and all of your supplies.


Above and beyond makeup application, you’ll need the right entertainment. A Makeup Party needs chick-flicks. Throw in some Pretty Woman, Sex in the City, Bridesmaids, Clueless, and any other romantic comedies you enjoy. Keep it playing in the background while you play games like “Would You Rather” or “Cards Against Humanity.” It’s a night to let your hair down, literally, so take advantage of it.

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