How to Throw a Christmas Tea Party

Instead of the same boring old Christmas party, his year, throw a…

Instead of the same boring old Christmas party, his year, throw a Christmas tea party. There are literally thousands of ideas for throwing a party that all of your friends and family will remember. The key is choosing the right food, the right décor, the right tea, and the right games. If you’re looking for adorable ideas, check out Pinterest and keep reading.


Christmas Tea Party Décor

If you’re going to host a Christmas tea party, then you need the right decorations. Think cute and classic. For your table napkins, use a candy cane and a piece of evergreen tree and tie it around a white napkin with a red and white ribbon (find other napkin décor here). Another adorable option is to change up the traditional red tablecloth with an old-fashioned white tablecloth cut into snowflakes (Youaremyfave has an easy DIY on their website). Then for your centerpieces, fill up fish bowls with water, throw in a few holly branches, and then float a candle in the center—simple and easy from Couleur Nature.

Christmas Tea Party Snacks

There are endless snack opportunities for your Christmas tea party. For the main course, we offer a Smoked Turkey Cranberry-Orange Sandwich recipe from Stockpiling Moms. These delicious sandwiches will be a huge hit and remind all your guests of the holiday season. For dessert, we ADORE snowmen on a stick. Buy a package of white powdered donuts, long kabob sticks, jellybeans, fruit roll up, and black food coloring. Then, stick three donuts on a stick. Cut one orange and one green jellybean in half and use the orange for the nose and the green for two buttons. Take a small piece of fruit roll up and wrap it around the top donut for a scarf and then use black food coloring and a toothpick to make the eyes and mouth. Check out the adorable image from Dukes and Duchesses.

Christmas Tea Party Games

Your Christmas tea party won’t be complete without a few games. A simple game is to have all your guests guess how many ornaments are on your tree when they walk into the party. At the end, announce the winner and give them a set of ornaments shaped like a tea set. Or, you could try Christmas Carol Pictionary. Instead of encouraging two teams to draw random items, have them draw Christmas Carols to guess.

And don’t forget that you need to have the right Christmas and holiday teas on hand. We recommend our Premium Peppermint tea, our AppleNut Crumble, and our Choc Nirvana.


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