How to Make a Tea Wreath

Before your next tea party, create a tea wreath for a fun, vibrant, and creative way to give your guests their favorite tea

If you need a cute gift idea or a unique and colorful way to brighten up your house, we’ve found the perfect craft. Kojo Designs developed an adorable and eye-catching tea wreath that is as easy to make as it is gorgeous to look at. There’s just something about saving your favorite Your Tea bags and transforming them into a piece of art that’s a sure conversation starter.


The great news about this wreath, it’s also perfect for a party. You can make the wreath out of unused tea bags and tell guests to choose their favorite tea from the tea wreath. It’s multi-functional and fun!


So, how do you make it?



All images courtesy of Kirstin on Kojo Designs.


What you need:

  • 2 pieces of 12 x 12-inch cardboard
  • Patterned paper (scrapbook paper)
  • 24 clothes pins
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon (for hanging)



  1. Hot glue the two pieces of cardboard together to make a thicker base that won’t bend.
  2. Draw two circles on the cardboard. The first circle should be approximately 3 inches in diameter and marks the center of your wreath. The second circle is the edge of your wreath. The width between your inner circle and outer circle should be as long as your clothes pin, typically 3 and ¼ inches long.
  3. Cut out the center circle to make a hole and then cut along the edge of the outer circle. You should be left with a shape that looks like a tire or a wreath.

wreath circles image


  • Cover your circle with patterned paper. The easiest way to do this is to trace a circle on your large scrapbook paper and  leave room for glue. In the center of the paper cut out half-inch tabs so you can fold back the paper around the circle without wrinkles.
  • weath paper


  • Cover your clothespins with complimentary patterned paper and hot glue it onto the wood. You can also cover your clothespins with glitter or paint, whatever works for you.
  • Hot glue the decorated clothespins onto your wreath. Make sure the clothespins are evenly spaced and that the ‘mouth’ of the pin faces the outside of the wreath.
  • Tie a ribbon to your wreath for hanging and clip a tea bag (still in its package) onto each of your clothespins.





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