How to Make a Tea Cosy

Do you want your tea to stay hotter for longer? Make your tea pot an adorable tea cosy. We’ve got the 6 steps you need.

No one likes a naked…tea pot. Tea pots that bare it all lose their heat too quickly and leave you with lukewarm tea. Stop making a single cup of tea at a time. Instead, make our adorable and easy tea cosy and keep your tea warm for longer while looking seriously fashionable!

To get started on your tea cosy, you just need a few things:

  • Outer fabric
  • Inner-lining fabric
  • 1 spool of matching thread
  • Wadding material
  • 1 spool of inch-wide ribbon
  • Sewing machine, pins, iron, ruler, and hem gauge


  1. First, you’ll need to make a paper template the right size for your teapot. Measure the teapot across from handle to spout for width, and to the top of the lid for height. Add 4 inches to both measurements (2 inches to each side) to make sure the cosy will stretch over your teapot and fit the wadding inside. Draw a straight line onto your paper, the length of the width measurement, and from the middle of that line draw another straight upwards to match the height. Then, connect the top of the height line to the two ends of the width line in a smooth curve, to produce a semi circular template!
  2. With your template, cut two each of your outer and lining fabrics. For your wadding, cut slightly smaller pieces (cut two inches inside the template all the way around), to ensure they will fit snugly inside.
  3. If you’re decorating your tea cosy, it’s easier to do it now while you have flat pieces. You can appliqué on an adorable pink and cream cupcake, then add some machine embroidered pink sparkles and a collection of matching buttons!
  4. Pin the two lining pieces together (right sides facing each other if necessary). Sew around the curved edge. Pin the two outer pieces together with right sides facing each other. Fold the tab ribbon in half, and slip it between them, facing downwards at the center of the curve. Sew along the curved edge. Turn so the right sides are facing outwards. On the outer fabric, turn the bottom edge up 1/4′′inwards. On the lining, turn the bottom edge up 1/4′′ outwards. Iron the bottom edges.
  5. Place the two wadding pieces on either side of the lining above the folded bottom edge, and then slip the outer fabric down over them. Ensure the wadding pieces re lying flat and positioned correctly, and that the lining fit snugly into the outer fabric. The two folded bottom edges should match up, with no stray threads or wadding poking out. Pin the bottom edges together.
  6. Iron the bottom edges out to ensure they meet smoothly without wrinkles, then in a neat straight line sew along the bottom edges as close to the edge as possible. Be careful to ensure the start and finish points on the line match up neatly. Tie off your thread, push your hands into the cosy to straighten the lining and wadding out to meet the outer fabric, and it’s finished!

You can find other tea cosy instructions here.

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