How To Have A Holiday At Home

Have a holiday, without ‘having a holiday’

‘Staycation’ is the current term for this method of ‘holiday’ and it definitely has a better ring to it than ‘I’m staying home for the holidays’…so we’ll take it.

The thing is, you see, all these fancy holidays are great, but they cost money. And usually lots of it; as well as involving time spent travelling to far away tropical destinations, and sometimes it’s nice to relax in the comfort of your own home.

And really, how often do we actually get to enjoy our home?

Most of us live in a constant state of ‘sleep, eat, work, eat, sleep’ and while most of this happens at home, it’s rarely enjoyed.


Staycation tips:

– Ensure the house is clean and free from clutter, there’s that whole notion that a clear living space allows for a clear mental space; so let’s go with that. And since you won’t be staying a hotel, let’s try to mimic it somewhat at home.

– Research. It’s funny the amount of activities and attractions that are right on your doorstep, though, you’ve never taken the time to look. Now is your chance, do some research, plan a day trip to a museum or historical site, stop somewhere for lunch you haven’t been before.

– Go for walks, big ones, discover with your senses the things you usually speed past when driving or rushing to get to work.

– Enjoy nature. Fresh air feeds the soul.

– Go to a movie or see a show.

– Go for a hike.

– Go for dinner in another part of town you’ve never eaten before.

– Sleep in.

– Turn your phone off, or at least off from work.

– Document your time as you would had you have gone overseas.

It wouldn’t be unrealistic to say the majority of us have spent more time exploring places that are far away from home than we have our own ‘backyard’.

But sometimes we just need a few days rest, and in the interest of saving some money on airfares, hotel or rental cars we think a staycation is just what the doctor ordered.airfares, hotel or rental cars we think a staycation is just what the doctor ordered.

Yours in chilling out,
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