Handle Your Hangover Like a Boss

Don’t have regrets the morning after a night out drinking. Instead, learn how to handle your hangover like a boss.

It’s only Wednesday and, already, you’re making plans to get sloshed. You know who you are. You’re dealing with a boss who is, most likely, Satan. You have coworkers who couldn’t find their way out of box. And that’s not to mention the friend and family drama that is going to turn you bald by 30.

Okay, maybe your week isn’t that bad. Still, an excuse to drink is never required. Cheers to the freakin’ weekend…or Monday…or anytime!

A drink or five works for us. The only thing we don’t want, the consequences. Seriously! If we go out drinking on Tuesday night, we do NOT want a hangover Wednesday morning—we have to be somewhat respectable at work.

So, what’s a gal to do? Learn how to handle your hangover like a boss! That’s right. You can kick your hangover in the a** with just a few simple strategies. That way you can drink when you want and as much as you want.


Before the Booze

A hangover boss is always prepared! Want to avoid the morning after drama? Prepare before you get too boozy.

  • Eat a Meal: Don’t drink on an empty stomach. That’s a guaranteed way to get s***-faced. Instead, enjoy a meal that’s filled with protein and fat, so you can keep chucking back the martinis. Try food like bacon, guacamole, cheese, or steak.
  • Drink Water: Dehydration is always a problem when you’re drinking. You can lessen the affects and help avoid the hangover headache by drinking water until you’re ready to burst. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with chugging a water bottle before you get your drink on.
  • Consume Salt: The moment you start drinking, your body begins to flush the water from your system. You can keep it around longer and keep the necessary electrolytes by eating salt with your meal. Drinking a margarita? Don’t forget to enjoy the salted rim.

Post Booze

You did it! You drank until you dropped. Now it’s time to handle your hangover like a boss. You can still make it into work the next morning without looking like road kill with a few tips and tricks.

  • Drink Hangover Tea: Our Hangover Tea blend is specially formulated to alleviate your headache, cool your body, calm your digestion, and get you back to beautiful. You can drink up to three cups a day if you really need the extra help. Be smart, and make sure you drink one cup before you pass out for the night.
  • Have Another Drink: While the “hair of the dog” trick isn’t the best way to get over your hangover, it can help in a pinch. It can help stave off your hangover symptoms so you can make it through a day in the office. Just beware; eventually, you’ll have to deal with the consequences.
  • Rehydrate: It doesn’t matter how much water you had the night before, you’ll still be dehydrated come morning. Stop complaining and polish off two glasses of lemon water in the morning. Mix two teaspoons lemon juice with one teaspoon honey in warm water.
  • Eat Breakfast: You may be nauseous (what did you expect?), but that’s no reason to skip breakfast. Force down a few slices of toast and an egg. The carbohydrates and protein are a good source of recovery nutrients.

If you still look like death warmed over, don’t underestimate the power of a hot shower, cold washcloth on your face, and makeup. Just because you feel like crap doesn’t mean you have to look it! Put on a smile, hide the under-eye bags, and fake it till you make it. Just be sure to keep a few extra bags of Hangover Tea in your desk for emergencies.

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