7 Tips for Our Best Ass-et!

If you’ve always wanted to ditch the cellulite and have your dream bubble butt, we’ve got the seven tips you need.

We’re all about that bass. When it comes to our butts, we’re in it to win it. We love our ass-et and would do anything necessary to keep it high, firm, round, and bootylicious. To make sure you have the right junk in your trunk, follow our top seven butt tips for everything from getting rid of cellulite to building the bubble we’ve always wanted.

  1. Keep Your Rear in View

If you don’t like your butt, you may be tempted to hide it under baggy dresses, old-lady jeans, and long shirts. That’s the exact opposite of what you should do. Instead, keep your butt in tight, form-fitting clothes that let you keep an eye on it. When your butt is always in your face, it will be easier to do what’s necessary to work it out.

  1. Workout with Weights

While running, jumping, and swimming are all great a** workouts, sometimes weights are what you need to get the job done. Add weights to your basic squats and step-ups to maximize your booty results. Weights help you workout harder and burn more calories.

  1. Drink Anti-C Tea

If you’re ready to ditch that pain-in-the-a** cellulite, drink our Anti-C Tea. Cellulite is not something you can remove with rubs, scrubs, or secret cellulite potions. Instead, getting rid of cellulite starts internally. The ingredients in our Anti-C Tea were specially chosen to remove the fat that causes cellulite. Plus, it’s a delicious addition to your day.

  1. Take It Slow

When it comes to crafting a firm and toned booty, you need to step back and take it slow. Don’t rush through your workouts or expect immediate results. When you’re at the gym, make sure you perform each of your butt exercises as if you are underwater. For example, your squats should take you at least six seconds apiece—four seconds to go down and two to three seconds to raise back up. Try these slow butt exercises.

  1. Think Positive Thoughts

The worst thing you can do is talk badly about yourself. Staring at the mirror and analyzing everything you hate about your body will get you nowhere. Try positively enforcing your desire for a better butt, instead. Print out a picture of yourself looking your best and paste it somewhere you’ll see it every day. Then, tell yourself to go after that body and make it happen.

  1. Workout All Day Long

No! We’re not crazy, and we’re not saying that you need to spend eight hours a day at the gym. We’re talking about mini workouts. If you want that ass-et, then, during phone calls at the office, stop, and do some leg lifts or leg extensions. If you want a bubble butt, then do calf raises while waiting in lines or lunges while walking your dog. Little things make a big difference.

  1. Eat the Right Foods

Since your best ass-et is also one of the most difficult to work on, it’s vital that you work from the inside out. To get a great butt, you need to stay well hydrated and eat healthily. Avoid processed foods and foods with high sugar content. Instead, enjoy lean proteins, cooked vegetables, nuts, legumes, and seeds. Try these foods.

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