6 Best Apps for Tea Lovers

Combine your two favorite things, technology and tea, with the best apps for tea lovers around!

Do you love tea? Do you love your smart phone? Well, you can now combine two of the things you love into a perfect symphony of goodness. We’ve discovered the best apps for tea lovers and compiled them into a list of must-haves.


Tea Tips

For Android users, Tea Tips is an incredible app to help improve your health, restore your immune system, and lose weight. It has notes describing the useful properties of many different types of tea, brewing times, and temperature. Plus, you can add your favorite Your Tea drinks and use the widget countdown timer for brewing tea.



Available only for the iPhone, Tea is your perfect tea companion. You can learn about teas from all over the world with the Tea Encyclopedia. Plus, you’ll get preparation tips, signs of quality, tasting notes, harvest seasons, and more. It will also help you brew the perfect cup of tea every time with its smart tea timer and not taker. An excellent app for tea lovers.


Carmeila Tea Timer

This is the perfect app for tea newbies. If you never know how long or hot you should brew each type of tea, the Carmeila Tea Timer app features a break down so you can brew each cup of tea perfectly. It’s fairly basic, but it works great and it’s free.


A Perfect Cup of Tea

If you’re on Android, you want the A Perfect Cup of Tea app for tea lovers. The app features a helpful timer so that you can brew the perfect cup of tea. It has 19 different pre-installed teas and you can also make your own custom blend.


Wheel of Tea

We love this app for friends. Wheel of Tea is a tea app game that decides who in your social circle will be making the next round of tea for everyone. It’s suitable for people who always drink tea with the same group of people. Just add your friends, add your brew, shake your phone to spin the wheel, and the app will choose the next lucky tea brewer.


Tea Wallpaper

The Tea Wallpaper app offers a beautiful collection of wallpaper for your iPad and phone. Spice up your technology with some amazing and delicious looking photos of tea. It’s the perfect app for tea lovers.


Your Tea

Your Tea

Your Tea brings you a range of natural tea blends that are rich in flavour and love. Each tea explains when you should consume them and why. To purchase or read more visit yourtea.com
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