5 Easy Ways To Stop Your Partner Snoring

Jane Collins from g9sleeptight with her top 5 tips to stop your partner snoring.

Snoring can be annoying, but what is even more annoying is having a partner who snores. While your snoring can affect the quality of sleep that you get, you will at least still be able to get some rest, but if the snoring comes from your partner, it might be impossible to sleep. Covering your ears or even sleeping in a separate room can seem to work but this is only for a short while. If you want a lasting solution, you should help your better half stop snoring. But, this should not be a problem because here are some easy ways to stop your partner snoring.

#1 Encourage them To Workout

If your partner isn’t a gym goer, it’s time to urge them to do it. Research shows that being overweight is one of the leading causes of snoring and this is because fat also accumulates on your throat, hence blocking the airways and contributing to snoring. And so, if you encourage and help your partner shed some pounds they may have less fatty tissues on their throat, this can reduce or even stop the snoring. Exercising can also help in toning throat muscles which, again, can help in minimising snoring.

#2 Change Their Sleeping Position

Sleep position has a tremendous effect on snoring, it is in fact, one of the leading causes. It might not look feasible, but it is still very possible to help your partner change their sleep position to stop the snoring. You should understand that sleeping on their back is what makes them snore, so you should work to prevent this. To help ensure that they sleep on their side or stomach, you should buy them body pillows to help stop them from rolling back to their back. Another useful trick you can try entails putting a tennis ball in a pocket on their back. You can sew in a pocket on the back of their pyjamas or have them wear a tee backwards.

#3 Discourage Alcohol and Sedatives

That glass full of red wine that you like sharing with your partner after dinner might be the reason they snore. As romantic as it might be, you should discourage alcohol consumption before bed if you don’t want to deal with snoring. Alcohol might seem good for sleep, but this could not be further from the truth. Sedatives and alcohol relax the muscles on the throat, this can lead to blockage of the air passages which in turn makes a person snore. If your partner cannot do without alcohol, convince him/her to reduce their consumption and limit it to the early part of the day.

#4 Humidify the Bedroom

If your room has dry air, it’s possible this is contributing to your partner snoring. When a person breathes dry air, it dries out the nasal membranes and throat and hence leading to congestion. The restriction in air movement that comes with the congestion will make the tissues in the throat vibrate, this is the root of the snoring noise. Humidifying will keep the air moist, and it will prevent your partner’s throat from drying out. 

#5 Keep the Living Quarters Clean

Cleaning is not always fun, and you might not always have enough time to keep your living quarters spotless, but you need to spare some time to clean up the house, more specifically the bedroom. Dust, animal dander, pollen and other allergens will always find their way into your home or bedroom. These allergens cause congestion, and they also irritate the airways and hence leading to snoring. Just keeping the house clean can go a long way in stopping snoring, also make sure that you change air filters regularly. A filter change helps to ensure that the air that you and your partner breathe when in the house is always clean.

Bottom Line

A snoring partner can be annoying, but it’s important to understand that it’s not their fault and they don’t like it either. Instead of spending time complaining about their snoring you should look for ways to help them stop, this shouldn’t be hard with those mentioned above. It’s important to know that snoring might also be a result of an underlying medical condition, if your spouse continues to snore even after trying different things, advise them to consult a doctor. 

Author Bio:

My name is Jane Collins, a mother of three and a blogger of g9sleeptight.com. I like sharing many useful tips and solutions on healthy sleep. Reach my twitter at @g9sleeptight

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